Day 54 – Fourteen days to the finish!

Ride-Day54So long as Glenn can keep up the pace and maintains his strict schedule he should arrive in Wantirna in exactly two weeks time. Today Glenn rode north from Esperance and turned right onto the Eyre Highway which will take him across the Nullarbor to Adelaide, just under 2000kms away. Currently he has completed about 80% of the ride, with just over 11,380kms behind him and less than 3000kms to go.

Each day of Ride With No Limits has brought challenges to Glenn – physically, emotionally and environmentally. Physically, after 11,000kms, Glenn’s legs are feeling the strain. Emotionally he would love  a “day off” with his wife and family. Environmentally he faces the road conditions and weather each day.

Truck-01Australia is “a land of droughts and flooding rains” and Glenn has experienced it all so far! It was raining and cold when he left Wantirna on the 18th April. Through Sydney he experienced a 1 in 100 year cyclone event with torrential rain. The top end, Queensland, Northern Territory and northern Western Australia didn’t have a very wet wet season and it was hot and dry. After Broome there was more rain with roads flooded and closed. And all the way the wind is a factor, sometimes with him and sometimes against.

The support crew might change, pass him water bottles, make up and hand him food but, as you can see from the picture above, the highway continues ahead and Glenn maintains his ride along it with only his thoughts to keep him company. If you are able to, please get out and support him as he comes through your area.

Hang in there Glenn… keep those wheels turning. In the big picture you’re definitely on your way home!

2 thoughts on “Day 54 – Fourteen days to the finish!

  1. Glen, Most people have a dream to do something inspirational with their lives. You have shown us all that it possible to achieve big things. You are amazing. Lets get behind Glen
    Go Buddyyyyyyyyyyyy…………..

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