Flexible Fit Equestrian

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Both the boys (Zidane and Sandro) are proud to wear beautiful Flexi-Fit leather gear during training and competition as we love a bit of bling in the ring! Flexible Fit Equestrian redefine comfort and quality at an affordable price.


Hi Form


We’re working with Hi Form Natural Formulas for Horses to ensure the boys are looking and feeling their best for competition.


Cranbourne Horse Power

Cranbourne HP

All the equestrian supplies we need to keep us in training, from grooming gear to tack and rugs whatever we need they’ve got it.

http://www. horsepowerwarehouse.com.au/

BSMSport Equestrian

  BMS sport

We use TransHorse Sport stable equipment to help us stay organised and tidy when travelling around competing.


Duell Projects

Duell Projects

Morgan Duell provides Emma with her freestyle dressage music and can create amazing music compilations for all levels of riders and competition.


All Creatures Physiotherapy

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Fiona Winchester has always had a passion for all creatures, great and small. She helps keep Zidane in shape and feeling good with a monthly massage. Treatment techniques may include soft tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisation, dry needling, stretching, reflex inhibition and neuromuscular electrical stimulation.