Day 48 – Final crew changeover and a big surprise!

FreoDay 48 saw Glenn arriving in Fremantle, just south west of Perth. In Fremantle he made the changeover of road crew for the last time. From here on he will have the same road crew, getting him through Albany and Esperance and across the Nullarbor to Adelaide and then home to Melbourne.

Each changeover requires a briefing to the new crew on how it all works, the ins and outs of the van and the support needed during the days’ ride. By having the same crew for the rest of his journey, Glenn can be more focused on his riding as the crew settle into the routine.

GlennEmmaPerthA big thank you to everyone who has been a member of the road crew. Only you know what it really takes, and what it is really like, to actually do it!

After the 135km ride into Fremantle, Glenn was surprised to be greeted by the whole Booth family, in particular Emma! What a great moment. Emma is the inspiration for Glenn’s ride and her surprise visit provided a great source of encouragement for the tough ride home.

TomlinsTruckJohn Tomlins has driven from Melbourne in his truck to escort Glenn the rest of the way. Look out for the convoy if they are traveling through your area.

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